Enterprises Involved in Open Source

Commercial Status
Services & Products
  Ghostscript, Ghostview and GSview Archive and index for all information on Ghostscript tools, sources and binaries.
  Integrated Computer Solutions Visual development tools for Linux and other platforms.
  Active State Tool Corporation Com Ports and distributes open source Perl to MS Windows 32-bit platforms and sells Perl development tools for MS platforms.
  Aladdin Enterprises Com Ghostscript Com General WWW discount retailer. Sells lots of books and software CDs on open source software
  AOL Netscape Com, Open (Mozilla/Communicator) source browser, E-mail, and groupware browser/client. Commercial servers that run on Linux.
  Apache Digital Corporation Com Provides custom and high-performance computer systems based on Intel and Alpha architecture MPUs. OSes supported include Linux.
  Appgen Business Software, Inc. Com 4GL & accounting software for small and midsize businesses. Linux????
  Applied Information Systems -- AIS Com Offers a commercial spreadsheet – XESS – for Linux, UNIX, VMS< etc.
  Arena Web Browser Project Com "Arena is a graphical web browser consisting entirely of free software. Its origins predate proprietary packages such as Netscape Navigator, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mosaic. It is the source of a number of innovations which have since been copied by other web browsers, such as HTML tables and style sheets. 

Arena has been created at the World Wide Web Consortium as a test bed browser for HTML3.0 and CSS1. Although it has not full implementation of CSS1 and HTML3.2, Arena continues to be a very useful tool for experimenting with and promoting style sheets. Now Yggdrasil Computing and the free software community are turning Arena into a full-featured free alternative to proprietary browsers."

  Atipa Linux Solutions Com Compaq Alpha-based computers integrated with a variety of Linux types.
  Balsa E-mail client development Com Balsa E-mail client for GNOME
  Bastille Linux Development Com Bastille-Linux development, started 1999-6-15 – Developing a secure Linux Systems – sponsored by Red Hat and SANS Institute (
  Binary Evolution  Com  
  Borders Books Com Bookstores & online book sales. Sells lots of books on open source software.
  Brainstorm Technologies Corporation – BSTC: Woven Goods for Linux Home Page Com, Linux resources index. Excellent pointers to documentation.

BSTC is a systems integrator that exclusively uses Linux in solutions.

  Bynari Systems Com Sell & support Linux- and Apache-based WWW and E-commerce systems
  C DeGroot Com Open Source Educational Software Web Site
  Caldera Com Commercial Linux distribution
  CheapBytes Com Distributor of Linux, open source and other software CDs
  CiTec DocZilla.
CiTec – Creative and Intelligent Technology
Com CITEC DocZilla is a super-browser. It displays SGML, XML, HTML and much more. The architecture is based on open vendor independent standards assembled into a collection of modular components called MultiDoc Engine (MDE). MDE will extend the function of standard web technology into XML, SGML, and HyTime applications

"The Mozilla browser will be used as the basis for our new super-browser. The starting point is excellent: the Mozilla browser will be the fastest Web browser ever, giving 100% support for a lot of cool things like HTML, Document Object Model and Cascading Style Sheets. As our current browser Multidoc Pro is also really, really fast, you can bet that DocZilla will be a real killer!"

Alphas are available for Linux and NT.

  CMP Publications InformationWeek Com, Linux news and resources on the Internet.
  CNET Com, Index of Perl resources.
  Cobalt Networks Com Hardware appliances ????
  Codeweavers Com, Twine stands for TWIN - Experimental.It also stands for Trial-Wine. It is a toolkit that brings together the best of Willows TWIN and Wine to provide a single library for porting Windows applications to Linux and other operating systems. Twine is an open source library released under the terms of the GNU Library Public License (LGPL).

CodeWeavers brings alternate operating system market opportunities to Windows software vendors through software development and support services. The cornerstone of this effort is Twine, a combination of open source software libraries which enable developers to quickly and easily port Windows applications to run under Linux and other alternate operating systems. This allows Windows developers to take advantage of recent Linux opportunities.

  Compag Com DEC Alpha and port of Linux & 64-bits, and common ABI across UNIX and Linux
  Computer Associates Com Ingres II for Slackware, Debian, SUSE, RedHat 5.1; Unicenter TNG & Framework for SUSE Linux; Unicenter TNG & Framework to Red Hat Linux
  Corel Corporation Com Corel announced WordPerfect Office 2000 for Linux by the end of 1999. This will include WordPerfect 9, Quattro® Pro 9 and Corel Presentations&trade; 9. They are targeting release of CorelDRAW® 9, Corel PHOTO-PAINT® 9 and Corel VENTURA&trade; for Linux in 1000.. 

Developing an easy to use desktop distribution of Linux. Supports the WINE project (

  Custom Solutions Software Com Adapts and sells a version of the Fortran 77 compiler for Linux.
  Cyclades Com Multiport cards and routers for Linux systems
  Cyclic Software Com Source code control system with open source – CVS. Maintainer of CVSr
  Cygnus Solutions Com Linux & GNU custom development & support
  Cygnus Sourceware Com Source site for open source software developed by Cygnus & Cygnus employees. They have trademarked the term "Sourceware".
  Cygwin Project Com, Project to create a GNU library DLL to run all GNU, GCC, and GCC compiled applications on Windows 32 platforms (Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT). In brief, this gives NT users access to many open source applications.
  Datapower Com, Maintains a database of hardware that supports Linux with user comments and ratings
  Debian Com Not for profit Linux distribution. Dedicated to the Linux user who is a Linux source code hacker.
  Dell Computers Com Linux-based PC systems
  Digital Creations Com, Web site and E-commerce development ZOPE () OODBMS (which they developed)
  Digital Domain Com, Used Linux computers in the making of special effects for Titanic.
  Digital Garage, The Com, Prepress, multimedia, and WWW development services. Develops of ZOPE.
  eCOS – Embedded Cygnus OS Com Open source RT OS.

"This sourceware distribution lets you to "try before you buy". Included are all of the necessary sources from which to build the eCos development kit - both Linux and Windows versions. The Linux version has been tested under Red Hat Linux 5.1 and works under most Linux variants. The Windows version has been tested under Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, and also works under Windows 95 and Windows 98."

  Empress Com Embedded systems RDBMS for Linux.
  Enhanced Software Technologies Com BRU backup and restore utility for Linux
  Erlang Systems Com "Erlang/OTP is a development and run-time software platform for building and running telecom and other complex control systems. Its main advantages is within non-stop reliability, fail-over, redundancy and distributed systems in a heterogeneous environment. Apart from the platform Erlang/OTP, there is an increasing number of add-ons for specific areas: High Availability Computer Telephony; Robust server clusters"
  Eversys Corporation Com multiprocessor Linux systems
  Executive PC Internet Com ExecPC Internet is a member of the group of companies, serving the Wisconsin and Illinois regions. starting as a BBS in 1983, ExecPC grew to become the World's largest BBS by the time it entered the Internet market in 1994. It had grown to become the Midwest's largest ISP at the time of its acquisition in 1998. Hosts & maintains the Linux Software Map database.
  FairCom Com Database software for embedded application developers (nee Computer Literacy Bookstores) Com Technical bookseller that sells a lot of books on open source topics. Com Clearinghouse for new open source software releases.
  GCC Project Home Page Com "If you were looking for the EGCS project, you found the right place; GCC development is now reunited and the former egcs team is now responsible for GCC releases."

"In April 1999, the EGCS steering committee was appointed by the FSF as the official GNU maintainer for GCC. At that time GCC was renamed from the "GNU C Compiler" to the "GNU Compiler Collection". 

  Geek Cruises Com Cruise tours in Alaska featuring classes on such topics as Perl programming and other Open source topics.
  Global Knowledge Com, Technical training company that has an alliance with Red Hat for training on Linux.. Provides courses in their classrooms, onsite, and interactive CD.
  Groupe Bull Software Com Has developed and distributes an open source version of open source version of Enterprise Java Beans – EJB TM.
  Hardware Canada Computing – HCC Com Netwinder tabletop and rack mount server appliances for WWW server or group server.
  Hewlett-Packard Company Com, Investment in Red Hat (
  Hungry Programmers Com,,,, Original developers of the open source products, including: Motif clone – Lesstif; the GNOME word processor – GWP (; Japhar – Java 1.1 JVM clone; JavaCVS – a CVS server and client written entirely in Java; and the Y Window System – a replacement for th X Windows System. The sell T-shirts and 
  IBM Com, Sells servers with Apache (; DB2 for Linux. Owns Whistle communications.
  InfoMagic Com Publisher and distributor of open source CDs.
  Informix Com RDBMS for Linux.
  InfoWorld Com, In 1997, gave the Linux community award for Product of the Year, Best Technical Support.
  Inprise Corporation (nee Borland; also includes InterBase) Com Java products for Linux, in development, include EJB (Enterprise Java Beans) Server, JBuilder, JDataStore – a DBMS written entirely in Java.
  InterBase Software Corporation (Inprise Corporation, nee Borland) Com, RDBMS for embedded application that runs on Linux.
  International Gnome Support Development & Distribution Com Support for international versions of GNOME (
  Investment Intelligence Systems Group Com Family of object-oriented spreadsheet and application generators (Wingz). They are developing a version for Linux.
  Just Linux Com Linux portal that allows personal customization.
  Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byer  Com VC firm that has invested in LinuxCare and other companies whose products or services are based on open source.
  Kuck & Associates, Inc. – KAI Com ISO conformant C++ compiler for Linux, UNIX platforms & NT.
  Linux Applications Com Provides abstracts and links to open source applications for Linux.
  Linux Box Com, WWW hosting. Free hosting for GNU and open source developers
  Linux Central Com Catalog sales of Linux and other open source software, books and products
  Linux Games Com Information and index of resources of Linux games and advanced GUI stuff.
  Linux Information Headquarters Com Index of, and information on, Linux resources.
  Linux Journal Magazine – , Linux Gazette – – Linux periodical publisher Com,, Linux publications and indexes to Internet resources
  Linux Mall Com E-mall of Linux & open source products
  Linux Mama Com Unofficial Linux patches cache.
  Linux Online Com Indexes Linux resources.
  Linux World Com, www.linuxworldexpo Magazine publisher; host of LinuxWorldExpo – Linux industry conference.
  LinuxCare Com Linux support
  LinuxPPC Com Develop, distribute and further the success of Linux on PowerPC (PPC) chips, including the Apple, IBM, and Motorola version of systems built on same.
  LinuxToday Com, Publisher of LinuxToday and distributor of Linux PR Wire.
  Lotus Development Corporation (IBM) Com,, eSuite is offered for Linux and many other platforms.

eSuite WorkPlace is a set of, fast, easy-to-use business tools for end users that are distributed from a central server.

WorkPlace includes a complete set of business productivity applets including spreadsheet, word processor, and presentation graphics. 

eSuite DevPack is a set of Java-based components that can be used as modular building blocks to quickly and easily create interactive and dynamic Web applications that are accessible via standard Web browsers. The DevPack includes the following components; calculating grid, rich text processor, chart library, screen show and data access utilities like SQL/JDBC, and CGI gateway; plus sample applications, utilities, and developer documentation.

  MajorDomo (Great Circle Associates) Com Developer and distributor of the open source E-mail list management software, MajorDomo. Alan Schwartz, of Great Circle Associates is the author of MajorDomo and a book on the topic – Managing Mailing Lists (
  MajorDomo E-mail List Service Com, Provides E-mail list capability at a price using the open source E-mail list management software, MajorDomo
  MandrakeSoft Com, Linux distribution.
  Mass Linux Com Enoch distribution of Linux – just starting as of 1999-07-17. Enoch is intended to be optimized for Intel x86 (Pentium, Pentium+, Pentium II, Pentium III, and clone processors (e.g., AMD K6). Build exclusively uses PGCC.
  MaxSpeed Com Multi-console thin-client servers providing X or Windows desktop emulation with only a standard PC, mouse, video, and keyboard
  Metro Link Com Motif for either x86 or Alpha Linux
  Microway Com High-performance Alpha-based workstations running Linux, Beowulf using either Alpha or Intel, PVM, and scientific and engineering applications.
  M-Tech, Canada Com Commercial network security products that run on and protect Linux, UNIX, NT, OS/2, etc. They also track commercial business sites that use Linux.
  Network Associates Inc. Com Develop and sell PGP and TIS Gauntlet Firewall, each based on open source
  Network Concierge Com Sells CDs and integrated systems (including LANs and WAN connectivity) that run Linux, Samba, Sendmail, Apache, firewalls, VPNs, etc.
  O’Reilly & Associates Com, Publisher of many books on Linux and open source and open systems software & networking; also hosts conferences and software development of open source software Com, Directory and information about open source resources on the Internet.
  Oracle RDBMS for Linus Com Oracle 8I is shipping for Linux.
  Pacific HiTech Com Commercial Linux distribution featuring special server, clustering and WWW configurations
  Patzschke + Rasp GmbH Com VisualGYPSY, a multiplatform, drag ‘n’ drop GUI builder for Tcl/Tk
  Penguin Computing Com High performance rack mount & 8-way Linux systems, RAID
  Perforce Software, Inc. Com SCM for software distribution; runs multiplatform (including Linux as server) and supports multiplatform (including Linux. UNIX, Mac), even across the Internet
  Perl Journal, The Com Periodical on Perl development, availability and scripting. Com Hosted by O’Reilly & Associates, for whom Larry Wall, the inventor of PERL writes many books. Com Joseph N. Hall’s marketing site for Perl training.
  Portland Group Com Parallelizing C & FORTRAN compilers for Linux, UNIX and NT.
  PostgreSQL, Inc. Com, Provide maintenance & support for PostgreSQL ORDBMS
  Precision Insight Com "XBF X Servers are fully accelerated, fully featured X Servers which are released in binary only format; no source code is released with these X Servers. Red Hat Inc. has funded the development of all of the XBF X Servers produced by Precision Insight."

"XFCom X servers are also released in binary only format with no source code. These X Servers have been released with full source code to the internal XFree86 development group, and are scheduled to be released as standard X Servers on the next regular release of XFree86. Some of these X Servers may be in BETA stage, while others may have been fully tested and verified under specific hardware. The documentation which is included with each X Server will explain the details for specific cases. "

"Precision Insight is developing a Direct Rendering Infrastructure for use with XFree86 and MESA. This infrastructure will bring 3D features and performance to the PC which were previously only available on expensive workstations. "

  Prentice Hall Com Commercial book publisher who sells open source books and software.
  Progress Software Com Has ported their commercial 4GL and RDBMS to Linux
  Red Hat Com Commercial Linux distribution
  SAL -- Scientific Applications on Linux Com Listing of open source and commercial scientific, engineering and programming (CASE) software for Linux. The open source entries far outnumber the commercial, and this is a fairly exhaustive listing.

SAL is mirrored, worldwide!

Unusually thorough & up-to-date list of office, word processing, desktop publishing, spreadsheet, and database systems software for Linux. The name is, therefore, quite misleading.

  Science Server LLC Com Information retrieval application on open source platforms
  Scriptics Corporation Com TclPro toolkit for Tcl/Tk programming – Ousterhut, the inventor of Tcl/Tk is the founder.
  Sendmail, Inc. Com, Open source and commercial E-mail server
  Silicon Graphics, Inc. – SGI Com SGI support Samba development. Samba is used in their IRIX (UNIX) servers.
  Software AG Com Adabase D for Linux
  Star Division GmBH, Star Division Software Corporation (US) Com StarOffice suite for Linux; non-commercial & student version available for free
  Sun Microsystems Com Investor in Red Hat (
  SUSE Com Commercial Linux distribution.
  Sybase Com Adaptive Server RDBMS for Linux
  T.c.X MySQL Com, Multi-user, multi-threaded SQL database server. For Unix and OS/2 platforms, MySQL is free. For Microsoft platforms you must get a license after the 30day trial period
  The Green Witch Com Internet radio and music, using Icecast open source MP3 streaming.
  The Linux Store (subsidiary of Ebiz Enterprises) Com Hardware and software for Linux.
  Tripwire Com, Open source, system & data integrity software.
  Troll Tech & Qt Free Edition Web Page Com,

"Troll Tech AS is a computer software company. We provide software development tools and libraries, as well as expert consultancy services."

Our flagship product is Qt, the multi-platform, C++ Graphical User Interfaces toolkit. Qt enables you to build professional, efficient,

portable and maintainable GUI applications quickly and easily." 

"The Free Edition is the Qt for Unix/X11 library, licensed for development of free/Open Source software. It includes the complete source code. It is released under the QPL Open Source license."

"Troll Tech was founded in 1994. The core team of designers at Troll Tech started developing Qt in 1992, and since then Qt has steadily expanded and improved. The first commercial version of Qt was in 1995. Since then, Troll Tech has experienced rapid growth, and Qt is currently used in hundreds of successful software development projects world wide. "

  Tucows Com, Application source and binary distribution for Linux
  VA Linux Systems (nee VA Research) Com,, Hardware manufacturer of high-performance Linux servers, notebook computers, workstations, peripherals and mass storage subsystems, and rack-mount systems.
  Walnut Creek CD ROM Com Slackware and other open source code software on CD-ROM.
  Whistle Communications Com Whistle manufactures and sells the InterJet server, which is a turnkey Internet (router, firewall, WWW, E-mail) and office (file and print through Samba) server based on Linux.

Whistle has been purchased by IBM (

Whistle products are sold by VARs, distributors and ISPs, worldwide.

  White Pine Software Com Has ported their commercial version of CUSeeMe interactive video conferencing (over the Internet) software to Linux.
  WilberWorks, Inc. Com Support & distribution of GIMP
  Willows Software Com Open source windows emulator for Linux & UNIX. The Willows TWIN libraries are both a set of native platform libraries and an emulator program to emulate the Microsoft Win32 API. The emulator program allows executing Windows binary programs on supported Unix (and Linux) platforms, on native Intel x86 processors, and through the built-in instruction set interpreter. The native libraries allow programmers to natively build Win32 and MFC applications from source code.
  WorkGroup Solutions, Inc. Com Develop and support The Linux Pro distribution, and pre-packaged Linux and Apache systems.
  Xi Graphics, Inc. Com Commercial X Server software for Linux and Unix.
  Xtreme Machines (division of Paralogic, Inc.) Com, Supercomputers based on Beowulf Linux clustering technology
  Ziff-Davis Publishing Com Trade conference on open source computing
  Linux Kernel Patch Archive Com? Latest unofficial Linux kernel patches.
  Linux Support Line Com? Telephone support for Linux & open source problems.
  Perl & XML Education, Development & Distribution Com? Site offers scripts (Perl source code) and documents that relate to the use of Perl with XML
  Ring Server Open Lab Com? open source applications for many OSes and environments
  Walt Disney Studios Consum, Uses Apache WWW servers Non-Com Index and information about 3D applications for Linux.
  ActiveScripting Non-Com  
  AfterStep Non-Com Window manager for X windows with the look and feel of the NeXTStep interface.
  Altara Open Network Non-Com HQed in Atlanta, GA. Open research group investigating the application of open technologies to real world problems. Operates research laboratory for the evaluation of open technologies. Home of the Altara Project – developing a distributed computing platform that will service earth's communication needs in the next millennium.
  Apache Group, The Non-Com Development and distribution of Apache. Apache is an outgrowth of HTTPD. It’s a WWW server that runs on all UNIX platforms, Linux, and NT.
  Comprehensive TeX Archive Network Non-Com Archival storage of TeX, LaTeX, and Metfont source, binaries, information and Internet resource links. See: TUG (in this listing) for more information
  Corporate Linux Advocate Home Page Non-Com Tracks the commercial progress of Linux.
  CPAN – Comprehensive Perl Archive Network Non-Com Development and distribution of open source PERL language processors, libraries and scripts including WWW scripts.
  Debian Organization Non-Com Debian Linux software distribution for the true Linux hacker
  DiskWarez Non-Com "DISKWAREZ is dedicated to freely distributable source code for data recovery, disk editing and file systems. "

"This is principally a site for DEVELOPERS and not for USERS looking to fix their hard disks. Certainly some applications listed here can help users recover things, repair partition tables for example, but those programs generally require much patience and understanding."

"There are only a few file system drivers and a general disk I/O library for WINDOWS -- there are no WINDOWS/FAT32 applications here. Most of the stuff indexed here is for DOS and Linux."

  DPU Group Non-Com The DPU is a consortium of software writers, publishers and hackers (well, hacks anyway) who find the ever increasing on-line debates over software "ownership" and "intellectual property rights" confusing at the least, and disgusting at the worst. Together, the DPU Group drafted the DPU Manifesto to bring a candle of light into the morass of darkness that the Vocal Phew are trying to envelope us in."
  Eddie Project Non-Com "Eddie is an Open Source TM project and a set of high availability cluster applications to be used when building robust and scalable server farms. Eddie is an Open Source initiative initiated by Ericsson and currently consists of four components: IP Migration Application; Load-balancing DNS Server ; Intelligent HTTP Gateway ; Content Replication Application."

"The first three components have been released for Linux as Beta packages. They have been developed and tested on a LAN running six standard RedHat 5.0 hosts (PII, 96MB RAM, 100Mb/s Ethernet). The plan is to remove the beta label and to release a Solaris version real soon. Stay tuned for an NT version."

"All Eddie configuration is done using Apache style configuration files and a set of O&M commands. 

"Eddie has been written using Erlang, a functional language developed by Ericsson. Erlang itself has recently been released

as Open Source. "

  Erlang Functional Programming Language Non-Com, "Erlang is a programming language designed at the Ericsson Computer Science Laboratory. Open-source Erlang is being released to help encourage the spread of Erlang outside Ericsson."
  Expect Home Page Non-Com Expect is a scripting tool for automating interactive applications such as telnet, ftp, passwd, fsck, rlogin, tip, etc. It is also useful for testing these same applications. And, by adding Tk, you can also wrap interactive applications in X11 GUIs. Expect is open source and available for UNIX, Linux and MS Windows.
  File Watcher Non-Com Keeps track of new files (especially open source) available on the net.
  Free Practice Management Development Non-Com Project to develop a free, open source physicians practice management suite.
  Free Software Foundation -- FSF Non-Com, The Free Software Foundation is a tax-exempt charity that raises funds for work on the GNU Project ( 
  FreeBSD Development Non-Com Open source UNIX look-alike, that closely resembles BSD UNIX.
  FreeBSD Handbook Non-Com Free documentation for FreeBSD.
  FreeCiv Web Site Non-Com FreeCiv is a multiplayer strategy game, released under the GNU General Public License. It is generally comparable with Civilization II ®, published by Microprose ®. 
  FreeMoney Project, The Non-Com "Mission of the FreeMoney Project is to produce a GPL-licensed integrated small business double-entry accounting system for Linux or compatible un*x. To facilitate maximum code reuse, customizability and extensibility, FreeMoney will be modularly designed using the object-oriented facilities of Perl 5."
  FreeType Project, The Non-Com The FreeType engine is a free, open source and portable (Microsoft) TrueType font rendering engine. It has been developed to provide TT support to a great variety of platforms (other than Microsoft’s) and environments.

FreeType is a library. It is not a font server for your favorite platform, even though it was designed to be used in many of them. Its purpose is simply to open and manage font files, as well as load, hint and render individual glyphs efficiently. You can also see it as a "TrueType driver" for a higher-level library, though rendering text with it is easy, as demonstrated by the test programs.

  GIMP Development Non-Com Open source GNU Image Manipulation Program
  GNOME Development Non-Com Open source – GNOME – GNU Object Model Environment -- Desktop manager for X Windows & Linux
  GNU Emacs Development Non-Com Emacs development support
  GNU Fortran Compiler Development & Distribution Non-Com GNU open source version of Fortran compiler.


  GNU Project , The.
(GNU – GNU’s Not UNIX)
Non-Com GNU is a program to develop a working UNIX clone OS. It’s beginning predates the development of the Linux kernel. When required GNU sub-projects and distribution are funded by FSF (
  GNU Windowmaker Non-Com Development & distribution of the GNU Window manager for X11.
  GNUStep Development Non-Com GNU’s open source, object oriented development framework that follows the NeXT OpenStep specification.
  GTK (GIMP Toolkit) Development Non-Com GNU’s open source GIMP Toolkit – GNU GUI toolkit
  GUILE Development Non-Com GNU’s open source Guile – GNU Scheme-based scripting language
  HyperNews Development & Distribution Non-Com Open source WWW-based computer conferencing system – similar to Net News, but allows HTML as message format and is constrained to a web site. Non-Com Development & distribution of open source, MP3, streaming audio.
  IESG – Internet Engineering Steering Group Non-Com Group of engineers responsible for directing the IETF.
  IETF – Internet Engineering Task Force Non-Com Engineering standards body that develops all Internet standards, protocols and open source reference implementations.
  InterMix BBS Development & Distribution Non-Com Open source BBS software system for the WWW.
  Internet Software Consortium Non-Com Nonprofit corporation dedicated to developing and maintaining production quality Open Source reference implementations of core Internet protocols. ISC efforts are supported by the donations of generous sponsors, and by revenue from support contracts and other client services. 
  ISC BIND Non-Com BIND (Berkeley Internet Name Domain) is an open source implementation of the Domain Name System (DNS) protocols and provides an openly redistributable reference implementation of the major components of the Domain Name System, including: Domain Name System server (named) ; Domain Name System resolver library tools for verifying the proper operation of the DNS server 

The BIND DNS Server is used on the vast majority of name serving machines on the Internet, providing a robust and stable architecture on top of which an organization's naming architecture can be built. The resolver library included in the BIND distribution provides the standard APIs for translation between domain names and Internet addresses and is intended to be linked with applications requiring name service. 

  ISC DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Non-Com DHCP is an open source suite that allows client computers to obtain reusable IP addresses from the network. Provides a freely redistributable reference implementation of all aspects of the DHCP protocol, through a suite of DHCP tools: DHCP server; DHCP client; DHCP relay agent .

These tools all use a modular API which is designed to be sufficiently general that it can easily be made to work on POSIX-compliant operating systems and also non-POSIX systems like Windows NT and MacOS. Server, client and relay agent are provided both as reference implementations of the protocol and as working, fully-featured sample implementations. Both the client and the server provide functionality that, while not strictly required by the protocol, is very useful in practice. The DHCP server also makes allowances for non-compliant clients which one might still like to support.

  ISC INN -- InterNetNews Non-Com INN is an open source Net News reader that implements NNTP. INN is the package originally written by Rich Salz. ISC took over development of INN in 1996.
  Jade – James DSSSL Engine Non-Com Jade is an open source implementation of the DSSSL style language.
  Japhar Development & Distribution Non-Com, Portable, open source Java interpreter (JVM) licensed according to LGPL.
  Java Linux Non-Com Development, distribution and education for Java on Linux
  Jitterbug Development & Distribution Non-Com JitterBug is a web based bug tracking system. Originally developed by the Samba Team to handle bug tracking, problem reports and queries from Samba users. Now available under the GNU General Public License in the hope that it will be useful for

other projects.

JitterBug operates by receiving bug reports via email or a web form. Authenticated users can then reply to the message, move it between different categories or add notes to it. In some ways JitterBug is like a communal web based email system. 

  K Desktop Environment Development & Distribution Non-Com Opens source window manager for Linux
  Lesstif Development & Distribution Non-Com – Lesstif open source Motif clone Open source clone of Motif. used with most Linux distributions. Motif ® is the industry standard GUI based on X11 (X windows)that was originated by The Open Group ( Motif was not open source and was only available for high-licensing fees.
  LilyPond Development & Distribution Non-Com GNU open source LilyPond Music Typesetter
  Linbot Non-Com Open source site management tool for webmasters. Provides an HTML interface, and is written in Python ( Non-Com, Online articles, and Internet resource index about and for Linux and other open source topics.
  Linux Center Non-Com Index of Linux resources on the Internet.
  Linux Documentation Project Non-Com Online and downloadable documentation of ho to install, configure, get application software for, program, and run Linux.
  Linux International Non-Com


Industry consortium, headed by Jon Maddog Hall, whose purpose is to further the goals, success and distribution of Linux.
  Linux Kernel Archives Development & Distribution Non-Com  
  Linux Kernel Archives Development & Distribution, International Non-Com To bypass inept & draconian US crypto distribution policy.
  Linux Knowledgebase Project Non-Com Project to develop new documentation for Linux.
  Linux Software Map – LSM Non-Com, Database that lists open source software and commercial software that runs on Linux. Available at this site and at mirror sites around the world.
  Linux TV Project (TVset) Non-Com Open source Linux application to turn Linux console window into TV screen for displaying and manipulating DVD and NTSC. – Linux Documentation Development & Distribution Non-Com Producing the next generation of Linux documentation
  LinuxHelp Online Non-Com Index to resources about Linux.
  Linux-Netscape Help Page Non-Com Provides help in compiling, installing, configuring, and using Netscape ( Communicator (Mozilla – on Linux.
  LPC – Linux Project Catalog Non-Com Index of WWW sites covering all known Linux projects (documentation o or development of open source software).
  Mesa 3D Graphics Library Non-Com Mesa is an open source 3-D graphics library with an API which is very similar to that of OpenGL
  Metalab at UNC Non-Com Lots of open source software, including Linux. Previously, a SunSite. Current "Partners" are: Cisco (, Digital Bitcasting (, Educause (, Explornet (, Island Edge Research (, Lyris (, Real Networks (, Red Hat
  MikTek – FreeTeX for Windows users Non-Com Document compiler based on Don Knuth’s TeX
  Minix Development & Distribution Non-Com Semi-open source UNIX-clone OS that was developed by Andrew Tannenbaum for educational purposes.
  Mozilla for Java Development & Distribution Non-Com Jazilla is an open-source Java based development project aiming to create a web browser in pure Java. The code and most of the design is based on Mozilla, the open-source version of Netscape Navigator. Non-Com was set-up by Netscape ( to distribute the open source code for Netscape CommunIcator (Nee Mozilla).
  MUTT – The Mongrel of Mailers – Development & Distribution Non-Com Open source E-mail client supporting POP, IMAP, SMTP, MIME
  NetAction Non-Com Seems to be a self-styled, political think-tank on the Internet and open source
  NetBSD Development & Distribution Non-Com NetBSD is an open source UNIX look-alike, that closely resembles BSD UNIX.
  Official GNU Smalltalk Page Non-Com Development & distribution of GNU version of Smalltalk-80.
  Open BIOS Group Non-Com Group working to develop an open BIOS for PCs and clones that better suits real, 64-bit OSes.
  Open Projects Network Non-Com, Open Projects Network exists to promote projects and activities which involve opening access to technology or information.
  Open Source,

Non-Com, –  Open source theories and information by Eric S. Raymond (ESR)
  OpenBSD Development & Distribution Non-Com OpenBSD is an open source UNIX look-alike, that closely resembles BSD UNIX.
  OpenCode Non-Com Alleging to be producing open source software for education.
  OpenSSL Project, The

SSL – Secure Socket Layer

Non-Com "Collaborative effort to develop a robust, commercial-grade, full-featured, and Open Source toolkit implementing the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL v2/v3) and Transport Layer Security (TLS v1) protocols with full-strength cryptography world-wide. The project is managed by a worldwide community of volunteers that use the Internet to communicate, plan, and develop the OpenSSL toolkit and its related documentation. OpenSSL is based on the excellent SSLeay library developed by Eric A. Young and Tim J. Hudson. The OpenSSL toolkit is licensed under an Apache-style licence, which basically means that you are free to get and use it for commercial and non-commercial purposes subject to some simple license conditions."
  Perl Institute, The Non-Com Perl is an open source scripting language (developed by Larry Wall) that runs on multiple platforms, including Linux, UNIX, Windows, and VMS.
  PHP Development & Distribution Non-Com PHP is an open source hypertext pre-processor.
  PostgresSQL Development & Distribution Non-Com PostgresSQL is an open source ORDBMS server that was originally developed at UC, Berkeley.
  Python Development & Distribution Non-Com Python is an open source scripting language that was developed by Guido van Rossum, under funding by CNRI (
  QLinux Research, Development & Distribution Non-Com QLinux is an open source Linux kernel that can provide quality of service guarantees. QLinux, based on the Linux 2.2.x kernel, combines some of the latest innovations in OS research. It includes the following features: Hierarchical Start Time Fair Queuing (H-SFQ) CPU scheduler; H-SFQ network packet scheduler Lazy receiver processing (LRP) network subsystem; Cello disk scheduling algorithm.

Joint effort between AT&T Labs-Research, Distributed Multimedia Computing Laboratory (University of Texas) and the

Laboratory for Advanced System Software (University of Massachusetts).

  Qmail Development & Distribution Non-Com Open source sendmail replacement.
  Ratatosk Development Non-Com Ratatosk (TkRat) – Mail Client using SMTP and Tk
  RFC Server @ ISI Non-Com A single directory and archive for all Internet IETF RFCs.
  Sabre Fighter Plane Simulator – A Freeware Development Project Non-Com Open source fighter simulator game ported to Linux.
  Samba Development & Distribution Non-Com Open source, Microsoft SMB-based, remote file (and print) system for Linux, UNIX and other Open source OSes.
  Scheme Development & Distribution Non-Com Scheme is an open source, object-oriented dialect of Lisp that was originally developed by Barbara Liskov and her colleagues at MIT.
  Sendmail Distribution & Development Non-Com  
  SEUL – Simple End User Linux Development & Distribution Non-Com,,,  
  Slackware Version of Linux Development & Distribution Non-Com Builds and distributes the Slackware version of Linux.
  Slash Dot Non-Com Cooperative news service on open source and related technologies and geek topics.
  Slash Net Non-Com –  IRC network devoted to news, and support on open source programs and other technical topics
  SP Non-Com SP – open source SGML parser
  SQRL Development & Distribution Non-Com, Open source SQL RDBMS.
  Stanford Secure Remote Protocol (SRP) Project Non-Com Software employing mechanism for performing secure password-based authentication and key exchange over any type of network. SRP offers both security and convenience improvements over authentication techniques currently in use. Both source and binaries are available, free for many platforms.
  SunSites Non-Com Lots of open source software.
  Tcl/Tk Consortium Non-Com – Tcl/Tk Consortium –  Development & distribution of open source Tcl/TK software.
  The Linux Game Tome Non-Com Database of open source Linux games.
  The Linux Generation Non-Com Derek Glidden’s personal rants on open source and Linux. "Rant" as in Dennis Miller on geek steroids. Non-Com Icons, fonts, GUI extension, and end user utilities for X on Linux or UNIX
  Tripwire Development & Distribution Non-Com Open source data and system integrity program.
  TUG – TeX Users Group Non-Com TeX is an open source typesetting program designed for high-quality composition of material that contains a lot of mathematical and technical expressions. It has been adopted by many authors and publishers who generate technical books and papers. It was created by Professor Donald Knuth ( of Stanford University, originally for preparation of his book series "The Art of Computer Programming".

The TeX program itself is a macro compiler. The most popular such macro set is LaTeX. This tool provides several predefined documentclasses (book, journal, report) with extensive sectioning and cross-referencing capabilities, and auxiliary tools for such processes as bibliography and index creation. Originally created by Leslie Lamport, LaTeX is now maintained by a small group of volunteers headed by Frank Mittelbach and Chris Rowley

  UCD SNMP Software Non-Com Various tools relating to the Simple Network Management Protocol including: extensible agent ; SNMP library tools to request or set information from SNMP agents, tools to generate and handle SNMP traps, a version of the unix 'netstat' command using SNMP, Tk/perl mib browser.

Originally based on the CMU ( SNMP implementation, but has been greatly enhanced, ported, fixed, made easier to use, and therefore barely resembles CMU’s package.

  USC ISI – University of Southern California Information Sciences Institute Non-Com Seminal place for the development of protocols, policy and archives about Internet technology, including open source reference implementations of network protocols and services.
  VIM Home Page, The (VIM – Vi IMproved) Non-Com Open source improved version of the UNIX/Linux text editor – Vi.
  W3C – World Wide Web Consortium Non-Com Technical consortium and standards body to further the development and distribution of technologies and information on WWW, HTML, XML, WWW servers and browsers, and related technologies and software. Also develop a lot of proof of concept, multiplatform, open source software.
  WINE Project Non-Com Project to provide a free & open source MS Windows emulator for UNIX, Linux and other open source OSes.; Non-Com Web site devoted to providing on, and indexing Smalltalk resources on the WWW web. IT covers both open source and proprietary versions of Smalltalk. Use a FreeBSD server.
  Xemacs Development & Distribution Non-Com Version of Emacs that "contains" its own OS.
  XFree86 Project, Inc. Non-Com, Open source version of X Server for x86 version of UNIX and Linux. (Required by the fact that the original X11 software required licensing fees.)
  XMMS Project Page Non-Com XMMS is an open source multimedia player similar to WinAmp.
  XPilot Page, The Non-Com Open source "video game" for X Windows and Linux.
  Zope Development & Distribution Non-Com Open source OODBMS.
  FirstMonday Non-Com? High-quality, peer-review online journal on Internet issues including open source.
  AlphaLinux Home Page, The zzz Distribution, information, and applications for 64-bit Linux on Compaq Alpha microprocessors.
  Cryptsoft Pty Ltd. zzz Tim Hudson & Eric Young developed SSLeay library
  GNU Cobol2C Project zzz 1998-7: "The GNU Cobol2C project will be implemented in three phases. Phase One is a proof-of-concept implementation of a Cobol to C translator, implemented using the Purdue Compiler-Compiler Tool Set (PCCTS), with only a partial Cobol grammar. This phase was completed in December, 1997. Copies of the Phase One source files, man pages, and more information are available. Phase Two is a re-implementation of the Cobol to C translator using the Sable Research Group's Compiler Compiler (SableCC), with a complete ANSI 85 Cobol grammar defined. The translator will implement runtime libraries for numerical functions, columnar I/O, indexed file I/O, and screen formatting, and a cross-reference tool for debugging. Phase Two is currently underway. Phase Three is a complete Cobol compiler, implemented as a standard front-end to the GNU C Compiler backend. The compiler will implement a complete ANSI 85 Cobol grammar with complete functionality via runtime libraries. "
  Linux for People (not dummies) zzz Linux information and links.
  Raima zzz Velocis embedded DBMS for Linux
  RPM Repository on RPMFind, Rufus zzz, Repository for open source code with primary emphasis on Red Hat distributions (and those based on Red Hat, such as Mandrake) for a variety of processors. Also includes some Beowulf and Solaris stuff. zzz Latest sources and information on Red Hat’s packaging tool – RPM.
  Sable Research Group’s Compiler Compiler zzz Open source compiler compiler, similar in concept to YACC.
  Stampede GNU/Linux zzz Linux distribution based on PGCC/GLibC optimized for speed.
  UNIX vs. NT Organization, The zzz The include Linux and FreeBSD under the title "UNIX".

"The UNIX versus NT Organization is dedicated to setting the facts straight about the various commercial and Open Source UNIX operating systems as they relate to Microsoft Windows NT. The organization is neither a legal entity, nor does it engage in profit generating activities. Although the large commercial vendors of UNIX hardware and software like Digital, IBM, Hewlett Packard, Silicon Graphics, Sun Microsystems, etc. may benefit from our activities, we do not solicit their financial support, nor have they ever offered any support."

"Some Microsoft/NT enthusiasts may view this organization as an anti-Microsoft movement. This would be a poor description of what we are about. The Kirch Paper, currently the organization's core article, does deliver some serious blows to NT specifically, but it is ultimately Microsoft's responsibility for any flaws or defects in the design of their own operating system, not the author's. Certainly a company the size of Microsoft with its financial assets should be capable of competing with software written by volunteers, yet it is obviously having difficulties in this area. "


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